Estrangeiros continuam a representar mais de 22% da procura de casa em Portugal

Foreigners continue to represent over 22% of house demand in Portugal.

The search for housing by foreigners in Portugal has slowed down. Even though it still represents more than 22% of the demand, the end of the golden visas and the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) regime has dictated this cooling off. However, did you know that a NHR 2.0 is now in effect? Learn more in this article.

04 Mar 20243 min

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Search for homes by foreigners in Portugal cools down, but still represents over 22%.

With the end of golden visas and the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) regime, the demand for buying or renting a house in Portugal by foreigners has slowed down.

The data is revealed by Idealista and attribute the cause of this cooling in demand to the end of tax benefits.  

"The announced end of these tax benefits coincides with a decrease in international demand for houses for sale at the end of 2023, especially among Americans. During the same period, there was also a decrease in foreign interest in renting a house in Portugal, as suggested by idealista/data's data", it can be read in a statement from Idealista, on Notícias ao Minuto.

However, even though the demand has slowed down, "foreigners continue to represent more than 22% of the total demand for buying and renting houses in our country".

According to the same data, "in Funchal (45.3%), Ponta Delgada (40.1%), Faro (32.7%), and Viana do Castelo (31.1%), three out of ten people looking for houses to buy were foreigners," explains the news.

End of golden visas and NHR regime, but beginning of a new NHR 2.0.

The golden visas and the regime for Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) have ended, but in compensation a new tax incentive is now in effect: the new NHR 2.0. Link, in order to attract talent and promote research and innovation in the country. It should be noted that there is a transitional rule for the application of the regime, for those who were benefiting or were in the process of fiscal transfer to Portugal.

This new regime consists of a special rate of 20% on professional income (employment contract or provision of services), in addition to an exemption on most income received abroad (excluding retirement pensions).

You can access this tax incentive for a period of 10 consecutive years, as long as you remain a tax resident in Portugal and receive income from eligible activities.

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