Este casal baixou a prestação mensal da casa em 318 euros. Saiba como

This couple lowered their monthly home installment by 318 euros. Learn how:

The 45-year-old couple, Mariana and Bruno, were dissatisfied with the conditions of their home loan and turned to our services to transfer the financing, resulting in a savings of over 300 euros per month. Find out how, next.

26 Apr 20242 min

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Be like Mariana and Bruno and contact Poupança no Minuto's credit intermediaries to transfer your home loan and get a lower monthly installment!

Mariana and Bruno accessed a monthly savings of 318 euros on their home loan.

Mariana and Bruno were having difficulty paying their mortgage, due to the increase in interest rates.

The couple were 45 years old, with a current debt value of €250,000 and a remaining term of 300 months.

Since they had financing with a variable rate indexed to 12-month Euribor, with an APR of 4.847%, their rate continued to rise constantly. & nbsp;

So, this couple turned to the help of Poupança no Minuto to access better conditions in their housing credit.

The monthly installment they were paying was 1,439.28 euros and they mainly wanted to lower this amount for a more flexible budget.

Our agents collected and presented the following proposals from different banks to Mariana and Bruno:  

  • Proposal 1: APR of 2.50% calculated based on mixed rate and new fixed installment for 1 year of €1,121.54;  
  • Proposal 2: APR of 3.00% calculated with mixed rate and new fixed installment for 2 years of €1,185.53;  
  • Proposal 3: APR of 4.218% calculated with variable rate indexed to 6-month Euribor and monthly installment of €1,374.72. 

The couple switched from variable to mixed rate, fixing for 1 year.

The couple decided to choose proposal 1, moving forward with the transfer of their home loan from their current bank to another, and ending up paying a monthly installment of 1,121.54 euros.

It is worth mentioning that Mariana and Bruno managed to save, per month, 317.74 euros, and, per year, 3,812.88 euros by switching to a mixed rate (fixed for one year and variable for the rest).  

Please note that this example only shows the calculation of the installment value. We remind you that banks may charge other expenses associated with your financing. In addition to the additional charges, you can also negotiate the life insurance premium associated with your financing. The savings presented do not take into account variations in the base index associated with the financing.

Do you also want to review your options within the market in order to access a better housing credit proposal? The agents from Poupança no Minuto take care of all the bureaucratic process of transferring your financing, advising you and providing all necessary information in a transparent way. Simulate your situation here:


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