5 dicas para um impacto positivo das finanças numa relação saudável

5 tips for a positive impact of finances on a healthy relationship.

For a couple living together, it is important to be on the same page when it comes to financial matters. It can be essential for a healthy relationship, according to experts. Read 5 tips to ensure finances do not interfere with your household, next.

14 Mar 20243 min

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How to handle finances together for a healthy relationship?  

Specialists from El Tiempo, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, explain that creating a joint account for family expenses is ideal, as long as individuals maintain personal accounts for their individual expenses.

In order to balance the books, when a couple lives together it is essential to be in sync regarding the topic of finances, talking honestly, openly, and transparently.  

This may be one of the methods that helps maintain a healthy relationship, according to experts, especially when you have a common goal (such as buying a house).

Not speaking openly about this topic can cause imbalance, as well as tension and mistrust between the couple, harming the relationship.

So, experts provide 5 tips for healthier finances and consequently a healthier relationship: 

Honest, open and transparent communication.

It is necessary to establish a trusted environment in which both can speak openly about what they earn, spend, debts and financial goals. It is recommended that there is a space in both time so that they can discuss these issues and establish your goals together, as you can read in the news.

Establish the contribution that each one should give  

Although it is mostly established that there should be an equitable contribution from each member of the couple, meaning they should contribute the same amount, financial advisor Maggie Germano believes it is more honest for the couple to establish a rule where each collaborates with a value that is fair based on what they earn.

"There are different dynamics in couples, but it is advisable that contributions to joint expenses be adjusted to each person's income," explains advisor Maggie, also arguing that the exact percentage for each person should be defined.  

They must have a joint account, without neglecting personal accounts.

"Decide together which expenses will be paid from joint accounts and which will be covered by individual accounts. This allows to maintain some financial autonomy while working towards common goals."

It is essential to have an emergency fund  

"Make sure you have an appropriate emergency fund that can cover at least three to six months of common expenses. This fund will provide financial security in case of unexpected situations, such as job loss or unforeseen medical expenses."

Dream regularly about the defined financial plan  

"Gather regularly to review the defined financial plan, in order to evaluate your progress and make the necessary adjustments. Life is constantly changing and it may be necessary to adjust the financial plan according to the new reality."

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